WL//WH PREMIERE: DUTCH EXPERTS’ Ego Death, Self Love, & the Secret History “Bound By This”

WL//WH Single Premiere  DUTCH EXPERTS

Dutch Experts is a Vermont-based Dark Wave/Synth Pop act led by singer-songwriter Hannah Hoffman (formerly of Dune Hunter) who took the positive side of both her personal and societal struggles with the Covid-19 Pandemic to experiment with a new sound and a new psychological perspective.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the title track from the upcoming debut EP “Bound By This”, a gift from an intimate journey of healing into insight.

Navigating ego death, facing internalized trauma and inherited behaviors, and learning the act of self-love are the central themes of [my] debut EP ‘Bound by This.’

A nostalgic bittersweet exploration blends organic chunky bassline throbs, Numan-esque warped icy bright synth melodies, minimal guitar effects, and heavy pounding drum beats into a vibrant immersive reverie around a beautifully dreamy, emotional vocal atmosphere, drawing angst and longing from a shadowy realm of misunderstood bondage and dread.

Written during the middle of the Covid Pandemic lockdown, lyrics imbued with a sense of somber self-reflection contrasted by glittering synthesizers and danceable drum beats. “Bound by This” is a ‘journey through the darkness to find the light.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mikey Allred (All Them Witches, Inter Arma), Dutch Experts‘ debut EP, “Bound By This” is due to be released digitally on February 24, 2023 with a vinyl release to follow.

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photo by @joshsteelephoto