WL//WH Premiere: DISTANCE DEALER “Waved Aside”

WL//WH Premiere   Distance Dealer

With this song being the first one Thiago and I worked on as a band, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s probably my favourite from the album.
Alexander Donat

Experimental synth-laden Post-Punk duo Distance Dealer cross international boundaries with multi-disciplinary artist Thiago C. Desant (Phantoms vs Fire) from Brazil and multifaceted-musician and singer Alexander L. Donat (Vlimmer) from Germany in their upcoming debut album, “Mind Dawns”, due out on May 28, CD / Cassette / Download, via Alexander Donat‘s own Blackjack Illuminist Records, from which WL//WH is pleased to premiere the powerful and hypnotic track “Waved Aside”. 

Desant‘s atmospheric, glittering and winding phantasmagoric synthscapes and dizzy intricate arrangments, organically combine with Donat‘s painful and wistful goth-tinged chants to create something immersive and emotionally riveting yet subtly disturbing.

An ambitious motion of buzzing and pulsing bass tones ripple the icy bright glow of twinkling synth chimes with spiralling frequencies and droning expansions, to form a hypnotic spatial flow around submerged, airless male vocals gasping for strength, while tumultuous layers of zipping, clashing, and buzzing textures ebb and flow with swishing off-tempo rhythms and sparkling, fluttering swirls to override the negative outflow with a triumph hidden beneath the tides.

“Waved Aside” is about taking second chances. Originally, the words were coined at a football team that failed the first leg game of the quarter-finals of the UEFA Europa League and lost. But then, out of the blue, in the second leg game, they had a major comeback when nobody was expecting them to even have the slightest chance. They succeeded and went on. Okay, they lost the next European match and dropped out, but, hey, it shows that you can never be certain and you should never give up. That motive of a second chance, somehow, also can be applied to Distance Dealer, as our new band is not our main band. We’re both busy with our own respective projects, and Distance Dealer adds to that, yet is so new that we don’t know where it’s taking us. We’re damn excited about our first album’s release on Friday! – Alexander Donat

Distance Dealer‘s debut album, “Mind Dawns”, is slated for release on May 28, CD / Cassette /Download, via Alexander Donat‘s own Blackjack Illuminist Records Bandcamp.

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