WL//WH Premiere: diesease “I Forgot” from “Medical solution for internal conflicts” EP [Etang Brûlant]

WL//WH Premiere diesease Etang Brûlant

WL//WH is glad to premiere the track “I Forgot” from the upcoming digital 6-track EP “Medical solution for internal conflicts” from Italian producer Francesco Torraco, AKA diesease, due out October 25, 2018 via the French / Lebanese independent label Etang Brûlant.

For their 15th release, Etang Brûlant is glad to introduce diesease, a young Italian designer ( @asbovelw) interested in sonic experimentations and visual arts.

Focusing on sound disintegration or rhythmic deconstruction, ‘Medical solution for internal conflicts’ is a furious anthem to electronic supremacy and futuristic atmospheres. Using glitch techniques and noise-like distortions, scratching drums, diesease takes us into a world of digital artifacts, where humans must coexist in a morass of wires and signals.

Relentless stuttering, fragmented percussions imbued with hypnotic ritualistic reiteration are cut through with ominously foreboding crackling and hissing textures, corrosive distortions, and twisted vocals unbending the lines between conscious and unconscious driving the listener into an unsettling and disturbing mind-bending state.

Graphic by atan0r

diesease‘s digital 6-track EP “Medical solution for internal conflicts” is going to be released on October 25, 2019 via Etang Brûlant Bandcamp.

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