WL//WH Premiere: DEPHT MOD “Catch The Blue” [Tripalium Corp]

WL//WH Track Premiere DEPHT MOD 

Operative since 2019, Rennes-based, French Coldwave trio DEPHT MOD, made of DJs/producers Mimmo, Reff .K & Thdr, are going to drop their second EP, “Catch the Blue”, out February 22 via Tripalium Corp.

Sometimes smooth and suave, sometimes aggressive, their music is a perpetual motion, an ever-changing world, a meeting between the flesh and the machines. Composed with much improvisation, made up with 80s Synthwave, Industrial Techno and Italo Disco, their hypnotic sound loops and harrowing voices have the smell of sweat and poetry. Inspired by Bataille, Baudelaire and Ballard amongst many others, these songs are talking about quests, desires, energies, meetings.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the ceremonial, haunted and electro-inflected title track, “Catch The Blue”, that unleashed snappy kicks, mechanical lashing beats, interlocked with crispy claps, to trigger a ritual dancefloor of mystery and allure with prowling droning and syncopated basslines, warm swirling synth swathes, and eerie atmospheric hums to burn hypnotic blazes around tortured vocals, secret whispers, and screeching hellish pains into shattered visions of anxious doom.

DEPHT MOD‘s “Catch The Blue” EP is slated for release, Digital & Limited Cassette, on February 22 via Tripalium Corp. 

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