WL//WH Premiere: DAVID DOUGLAS & APPLESCAL’s Thrilling Bicycle Soundtrack Sample “Trial of Truth”


Photo by Robert Repko

Long-time musical friends, working together on and off and djing for 12 years, the renowned film director and experimental producer David Douglas and veteran Electronic artist and founder of Atomnation record label, Pascal Terstappen, a.k.a. Applescal, have come together on a new concept album, “Démarrage”, scheduled for a vinyl release on June 21, 2024 via Atomnation.

The 10-track project focuses on the two Dutchmen’s love of cycling and the gamut of emotions the sport involves, all distilled into vibrant electronic sounds.

‘Démarrage’ embodies everything that makes cycling great – the power of the riders, the entrancing rhythm of the peloton, the landscapes which fly by, the pain of the hill climbs, the euphoria of the stages wins and the speed of the sprints. The album also smartly incorporates plenty of found sounds and samples to bring it to life and is utterly immersive as a result.

In the fourth song, “Trial of Truth”, whose video WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, you might feel like you are in an actual race when you hear an icy tonal countdown, igniting a repetitious spin of hypnotic motorik beats, rolling on and on with layering glitch effects and sparse, subtly crisp, hi-hats, through warm immersive and emotive glowing pads, whilst sportscasters give play by plays, rising into an almost euphoric timeless trance-plateau where an intellectual carefully explains the science of motion.

The accompanying visuals, directed by David Douglas himself, deliver an up-close look at the physical intensity and mental acuity of a cycling competition, to sync with the focused momentum of the soundtrack. Thoughtful editing allows viewers to see the intimate expressions on the professional rider’s faces wherein lies an otherworldly force of will and an expulsion of agony along shifting terrains, unto the awe-inspiring finale of cheering fans.

The 10-track LP, “Démarrage”, a thrilling soundtrack and evocative musical narrative that takes you on the ride of your life, is scheduled for release on vinyl 12″ via the Atomnation imprint on 21st June 2024.

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