WL//WH Premiere: COLD MEDICINE // MICKEY DAGGER “Blades and Shades” Split LP [popnihil]


With Halloween sizzling upon us, WL//WH is pleased to premiere and deliver a throbbing stack of raw, sleazy beats, frigid ghostly synths, and wicked electro grooves to sink those fake teeth and jack your body into the dancefloor on this dreadful late October night.

Tampa, Florida’s Dark EBM Musician Phil Taylor (Sleeping Pills, Nasal Spray, and Vasoline) under his coldest, darkest, and rawest moniker Cold Medicine, and Montreal, Quebec‘s longstanding Goth Electronic ‘Technoir’ Post-Punk DJ, producer, and performer Micky Dagger split the 8-track album, “Blades and Shades”, via Orlando based popnihil label, just in time for some real down and dirty Halloween vibes.

The first insinuating and spooky Synth-laden five tracks by Cold Medicine, open closed doorways of sex, lust, sin, and fetish by driving menacing, buzzing, and sawing bass line vibrations through chilly tenebrous hellscapes of shocking and sinister rambling synth swathes, cut by hypnotic, marching, and rattling beats, to cast sentient sparks of discomfort and dread around dramatic, haunted baritone confessions, invoking hidden growling demons, from a subconscious lair of dark fantasy and secret desire.

Micky Dagger builds eerie and primal auras of resonant pounding drums, exotic high-pitched fluting swirls, and distorted menacing vocals in the hypnotic and stuttering “Worships a Craft”, to then weave sharp guitar riffs with violent screams, heart-pounding beats, and angry urgency in the Punk-strewn Electro-Rock’n’ Roll of “Shattered Faith”, before closing out the album with the cold and sinister, Industrial-dusted syncopated Breakbeats of the jarring “Ruthless Exposure.”

All tricks, no treats.

Cold Medicine / Micky Dagger split 8-track album, “Blades and Shades”, is out now on Halloween 2022, in Cassette & Digital formats, via independent label popnihil.

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Photo by Athena Ellison