WL//WH Premiere: AURAT “Aana” off the Cassette LP “Zeher” [Etang Brûlant]


Los Angeles-based dark synth-driven, Urdu-language music project Aurat (pronounced OH-RUT), meaning ‘women’ in Urdu, founded by PakistaniAmerican vocalist Azeka and bassist/producer Gil, are going to release the cassette/tape edition, with 3 bonus songs, of last April digital 6-track EP “Zeher” (“Poison”), via the French / Lebanese independent label Etang Brûlant.

Joined on this release by two additional musicians, the band explores, through great energy, the smell of L.A. nights, varying from pure new wave (‘Waiting For You’, ‘Rehem’, ‘Aana’) to minimal wave (‘Nasha’), industrial music (‘Saanp’) and thrilling noise (a powerful opening named ‘Aaghaz’). Nonetheless, the overwhelming ‘Raat’ (“Night” in Urdu) will transform you into an ominous trance and ‘Suno Na’ (literally “Listen up !”) will get your blood pumping.

The lush, shadowy and achingly emotional ‘Aana’, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, unleashes abrasive and distorted guitar riffs of fierce intensity that ominously screech over treacherous rumbling, and throbbing bassline, backed by punchy snares, creeping into the murky, thick darkness imbued by magnetic haunting vocalizations, exuding an eerie yet mesmerizing and beguiling flair.

The Digital + C30 Tape full-length edition of Aurat “Zeher” is slated for release tomorrow 30 May, 2020 through Etang Brûlant [EB21].

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Artwork by @varyingmagnitudes