WL//WH Premiere: ALIZEH WINTER (of Vore Aurora) first solo release with 2 Remixes by ROTERSAND + Official Video


Alizeh Winter, Wil of Rock Candy Photo

Alizeh Winter residing in L.A. is the frontwoman of the Californian darkwave electro marvel duo of Vore Aurora. I discovered VA back in 2016 when they were trying their first steps towards the wild paths of the American darkwave scene and I was utterly impressed by their artistic and musical quality and more specifically, by their amazing singer. You see, Alizeh Winter was born with a charismatic voice that she worked hard on it to make herself an amazing chanteuse as talent alone means nothing. On every Vore Aurora release, she is sounding better and greater as a musician, and how lucky for us all to listen to a singer who doesn’t hide her influences as you can easily understand from the first sound that she is not the typical darkwave voice.

Alizeh Winter obviously doesn’t follow limits and the genre’s barriers and today we are so happy to Premiere her first solo work with the official video too for her maxi-single “Sister Cities”. Written and produced by herself this little record includes the title track with a remix by Man Without Country and two more by the iconic EBM act Rotersand. The video was directed, shot, and edited by Chad Michael Ward on location at The Lodge in Los Angeles. I like this video for many reasons and the most important is that the filmmaker, except that he paid attention to the lyrics, really felt the emotional level of the song and made the appropriate gothicwise video. The musician is an imposing figure with an equally imposing voice and with that singing style that is very difficult to leave someone untouched, in other words, she rocks!

The song is a darkened, venomous candy that is spanning through the electronic darkwave of the ages with a real cool keen on synthpop too. In my alternative ears (and your’s I guess), this song is how electronic pop music should be on the charts. Sweet, dark, with all the required lava that is taken from some serious machines of creation, the analog synthetic set! It is a brilliant piece of work with the first remix by the Man Without Country giving it away different shade in the likes of neon-electro streams, a way more vaporwave approach that feels good! The following two remixes by Rotersand are an honor for Alizeh Winter as it is an honor for any name when someone with fame and influence like that EBM giant reworks new musings. Mention this; nobody will remix your music just because you may be friends with. These people need some appropriate initial quality to start thinking of a remix and Rotersand had that AW‘s virtue in their hands. No surprise that both remixes are Rotersand’ without engaging in any sonic battle the prototype song, the most respect for the remixer on that attitude and also a great applaud by me for the result. What I need now more is a full album by Alizeh Winter, ok an EP will also be good yeah, now listen to this loud, please!!!

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Alizeh Winter, Wil of Rock Candy Photo

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike