WL//WH Premiere: ALF “Adelante Milicianos” [FILL-LEX RECORDS]

WL//WH Premiere  ALF  Fill-Lex Records

Valencia-based Fill-Lex Records presents the upcoming album, “Controcultura”, by ALF, an artist and promoter belonging to the electronic scene of Valladolid, where he started mixing at Tamberly Sound Club to become soon one of its residents, as well as a member of the Insurgents Collective along with ANX, Selektor and Humano Automático.

Focused on production for some years now, his music has been released on labels such as Bruto Industries, Barro or Body Musik under the name Alf, Bloody Remedies or Sanguineal project he shares with Veiled Venus.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere ALF’s both seismic and rumbling, Industrial-clatter EBM firecracker “Adelante Milicianos” imbued by overpowering doom-laden apocalyptic forces, that compel treacherous undulating and buzzing old-school bass lines, relentless slashing drum-kicks, stark metallic hits, guttural synths, caustic frequencies, and ominous spoken word distortions, into dark and sinister visions, where relentless mechanical repetitions, pent-up burning passions, and deceptive merciless intentions, draw momentum from a hellish pitch-black pool of oppressive inhuman strength.

ALF‘s forthcoming album, “Controcultura” is due out, Cassette & Digital, on July 25th, 2023, via Fill-Lex Records Bandcamp.

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