WL//WH Premiere #4: THE STAVE CHURCH “Cold Whispers” off “My Velvet Cage: A Tribute to Venus in Furs”

WL//WH Premiere #4 The Stave Church

The Stave Church version of ‘Cold Whispers’, originally from the Venus in Furs‘ album ‘Soft Life’(1998), is the 4th step that will lead us to reveal, day after day, the first project from the Dark Alternative Music Collective WAVE.NOIR, entitled “My Velvet Cage”, a heartfelt tribute to the Sussex-based, UK cult band, Venus in Furs, that evolved out of the post-punk explosion of the early 80s, led by the enigmatic, yet still active frontman Times.

A bunch of contemporary dark alternative musicians such as Deus Faust, Nao Katafuchi, Emil Moonstone & The Anomalies, HumanParis Alexander feat. EirenePilgrims of YearningShad ShadowsTwo MoonsUIUAsh Code, and Distant Stars, besides the already mentioned The Stave Church, are going to pay their respects to those sought after, unforgettable, classics.

Houston, TX‘s darkwave one-man-band The Stave Church brings dark and mysterious moods to Venus in Furs‘ evocative track ‘Cold Whispers’, recalling an intriguing noir-ish version of Wall Of Voodoo fronted by Peter Murphy, building up enveloping and alluring slow-burning murky vibrations, instilled by ominous oscillating bass acidic radiations, that flicker around warm sinister synth flows, anchored by crisp, clicking percussive patterns and metronomic tight kicks, as emotionally detached male vocals painfully sculpt a tragic portrait of a soul lost to addiction and mental illness.

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