WL//WH Premiere #12: DISTANT STARS “From The Bell-Jar” off “My Velvet Cage: A Tribute to Venus in Furs”

WL//WH ‘My Velvet Cage’ Premiere #12  DISTANT STARS

Distant Stars reinterpretation of “From The Bell-Jar”, originally published on the album “Womberang” (1996), is the 12th and penultimate episode of the first project from the Dark Alternative Music Collective WAVE.NOIR, entitled “My Velvet Cage”, a heartfelt tribute to the Sussex-based, UK cult band, Venus in Furs, that evolved out of the post-punk explosion of the early 80s, led by the enigmatic, yet still active frontman Times.

A bunch of contemporary dark alternative musicians such as Deus Faust, Nao KatafuchiEmil Moonstone & The Anomalies, HumanParis Alexander feat Eirene, Two MoonsUIU, Shad Shadows, Pilgrims of Yearning, Ash Code, and the already mentioned Distant Stars, are paying their respects to those sought after, unforgettable, classics.

FrancoAustralian duo, comprised of Muriel Annie and Richard Payne, turns the original inside out, injecting a fine dose of their distinctive, ’80s tinged, synth-laden leftfield pop experimentalism into a truly one of a kind love song swept in ominously oscillating bassline, that pulses hypnotically amidst perpetually desolate icy bright synth sweeps and skittering repetitive tinny beats into a frozen moment in time, sorely punctuated by tinkling keyboard notes and airy sad female vocals, reminisce in loving adoration for distant heartfelt male spoken words, bidding farewell into a bittersweet emotional ode to eternity.

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