WL//WH Premiere #11: ASH CODE “New Terrorists” off “My Velvet Cage: A Tribute to Venus in Furs”

WL//WH ‘My Velvet Cage’ Premiere #11  ASH CODE

Ash Code cover on “New Terrorists”, that originally appeared on the album ‘Real Moral Fibre’ (1986), is the 11th step to help us reveal, day after day, the first project from the Dark Alternative Music Collective WAVE.NOIR, entitled “My Velvet Cage”, a heartfelt tribute to the Sussex-based, UK cult band, Venus in Furs, that evolved out of the post-punk explosion of the early 80s, led by the enigmatic, yet still active frontman Times.

A bunch of contemporary dark alternative musicians such as Deus Faust, Nao KatafuchiEmil Moonstone & The Anomalies, HumanParis Alexander feat Eirene, Two MoonsUIU, Shad Shadows, Pilgrims of YearningDistant Stars, and the already mentioned Ash Code, are paying their respects to those sought after, unforgettable, classics.

Here, Ash Code (Alessandro Belluccio, Claudia Nottebella, Adriano Belluccio) took one of the most popular songs of Venus in Furs and transformed it into a very special, spirited, and whirling version. The coldwave DNA of the Italian trio somehow dictated to them how this anthemic post-punk song should sound some 34 years after the initial recording of ViF’s. They tried a more uptempo treatment, they blended it with some new killer synthesizers too, and of course, while keeping the ‘first taste of 1986’, singer Alessandro gave it a more darkwave shade all over. This one is simply one more huge success by another respected band in this amazing album!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike