WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

California‘s dark electronic / new wave / post-punk / synthpop project VANDAL MOON“Baby Sounds” from the forthcoming album “Wild Insane” out April 20, 2018

Spanish dark synth electronic wave solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO“Leave And Go”.

Spokane, WA darkwave / new wave / post-punk trio STARES“Ashes of Roses” second single out now.
Seattle‘s dark post-punk / goth rock quartet NOX NOVACULA“The Light Below” from the upcoming self-titled cassette EP on Casino Trash Records.

Portuguese Minimal Wave / Coldwave / Darkwave duo The Dreams Never End “Tu Chegas ao fim” new single.

New England via NYC two-piece post-punk band GRANDEUR “Pale New World” .

Portland, OR dark dreamy / synthpop / ethereal artist PAT MOON“Medieval Spells”.

Spanish electronic / minimal synth / darkwave project from Barcelona, In†ersigno“Special Forces”.

Kentucky‘s post punk solo project Jon Edifice”Panic” from the upcoming cassette “How Much Is Your Life Worth” on Ascetic House

Los Angeles‘ industrial / metal / electronic collaboration 3TEETH & Ho99o9“Lights Out” new 2-track 7” single out now.

Sevastopol, Ukraine minimal darkwave/coldwave solo project NOVA GUARDIA“Boy Needle” from the brand new Nova Guardia album ‘Escapism’ coming soon on TONN Recordings.

Post punk / darkwave act from Caracas, Venezuela, RECIPE MORADO“Mal Terrenal” (Dermis Tatu cover)

Mexican minimal-synthwave project of Psychic Hearts vocalist Erick Arevalo, aka El Ojo y la Navaja “Extintos” (Sedición cover originally 1988)

Australian Post-Punk / Doom Folk / Goth Blues solo project from Brisbane, The Steady As She Goes“The Curse Of” from the new album ‘Crux’ out now.

Russian lo-fi synth post punk trio, БЕСПОКОЙСТВО [bspkstv] ‘Пространство / Space‘ from the new 3-track EP ‘Торжественная Церемония Открытия Глаз’ out now.

Russian experimental / post-punk duo from Rostov-On-Don made of Vlad Paršina (Motorama, Утро, “Лето в Городе”) and Mikhail Nikulin (“Церковь Детства”, “Мёртвый Аксай”, “Атака Сзади”), TEZTEZTEZ / ТЭЦ ‘Другого времени не было’ from the debut EP ‘A’.

Bay Area-bred new wave/post punk band Wax Idols“Scream” from the forthcoming 4th album “Happy Ending” out May 16, 2018 via Etruscan Gold Records.

Los Angeles‘ dark synth / post-punk four-piece lead by visual artist and Froth founder Jeff Fribourg, NUMB.ER“Again” from the forthcoming debut album “Goodbye” out May 25, 2018.

Cape Town/London project by two former members of 80’s English electronic/postpunk band Shoc Corridor, Chris Davis and Paul O’Carroll, aka LUNAR MANSIONS“Daylight” new single out now.
Nottingham, UK post-punk / darkwave project NAUSEA“Wait” title track of the new EP on Squall Recordings.
Waldheim, Germany new wave / post punk duo Lisa Wars“Dein Hertz” new single.
Polish new wave / post punk trio from Płock, Schröttersburg‘Dlonie’ from their sophomore album ‘Melancholia’.
Experimental dark synth electronic project of Copenhagen‘s artist IN ATLAS“A Sacret Thing”.

French coldwave / post punk trio from Toulouse, Blind Delon“Sombre Soleil” from the forthcoming EP “Assassin” on Bordello A Parigi.

Detroit, MI industrial / EBM / Darkwave / Synthpop project of Dennis Hudson (also White Christian Male, Polyvision and Eisenwelle), OLMS”The Kontakt”.

Russian post-punk/cold wave duo from Yekaterinburg, Фирма-однодневка ‘Холодная волна’ title track of the debut album out now.
Oakland, CA dark punk / deathrock trio FALSE FIGURE“Effigy” from the forthcoming self-titled EP out May 25, 2018.
Italian dark post-punk band from Rome, EDUCATION“Head on a stick” from the debut ‘Demo’ on My Own Private Records.
Saint Petersburg, Russia electronic / darkwave / post-punk / coldwave duo Thirteenth Fox“Бессонница/insomnia” new 2-track single.
Orlando, FL coldwave / synth post-punk project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch“Lonley” from the debut album “Do What You Love Or Get Arrested” out now.
Vermont‘s coldwave / minimal wave / synthpop solo project Triumphant Race“Black Spell” from the upcoming album “Illusions of Desire” out March 16th, 2018.

Novosibirsk, Russia folk / coldwave / post-punk duo Войлок [Voilok ] “Все обречено / Everything is doomed” from the self-titled debut album out now.

Mexico City‘s deathrock / post punk duo of Sharon L. and Angel K, FRÍO y VACÍO “Nuestros Tiempos” from forthcoming album.

New York‘s noise-rock / no wave / post-punk trio led by guitarist-vocalist Wes Kaplan (The Craters), THE CHANNELS “See No Reason” from the upcoming album “Double Negative” on Drop Medium
Los Angeles post witch-house / occult electronic / darkwave duo D/SIR “Violate Later” title track of the new EP on Basic Unit Productions.
Hamburg‘s electro / synthpop duo KASPER HATE“Heaven Was Wide” (single version 2018)

Austin, TX goth synth electronic darkwave trio TROLLER “Rodan” from V/A “Holodeck Vision One” via Holodeck Records.
Italian minimal cold wave project of Daniele Giostra, SELFISHADOWS ”No Time (Marco Ragno Remix)” 
Swedish darkwave / post punk / goth duo of Johan Svärdshammar (Waves Under Water) and H. Zombie (Naughty Zombies / Los Carniceros del Norte from Stockholm, OXIDAZE “Age of Ice” title track of the new EP out now.
Derniere Volonte´s minimal electronic / synthpop side project, POSITION PARALELLE “Escalier De Service” (Tesco Germany 2018)

Polish coldwave / post punk trio CABARET GREY “Freezing Point” new 3-track EP.
New York dark goth electronic project by the bassist of anarcho-post-punk band Pawns, Jenna Rose, aka ANATOMY “The Sixth Seal” from the self-titled debut 3-track limited 7″ EP.
 Portland‘s minimalistic art-punk outfit LITHICS “Excuse Generator” from the forthcoming album “Mating Surfaces” out May 25th 2018 on Kill Rock Stars