WL//WH New Music: ZACK ZACK ZACK “BÜTÜN” (Bonus Video)

New Music  Zack Zack Zack  

Following our last week’s post, Turkish born, Vienna based Post-Punk duo Zack Zack Zack (a wordplay used to depict the dirty face of politics in Austria), an experimental art project who creates avant-garde, retro-futuristic, fresh music beyond borders and labels, have dropped a follow-up Bonus Video for the intoxicating track BÜTÜN, a song with the distinctively gorgeous, lysergic Cümbüs Saz sounds and engaging lyrical content with an important message for those who want to listen.

The bonus video, directed by Yigit Bakkalbasi, captures a run down a dark, desolate street where two athletic figures, male and female, flaunt matching BÜTÜN  tattoos across their backs while interchanging existence. Black and white photography constructs the emotional struggles of a man using dramatic body language and intimate performance overlays to emote devastation, fear, and anger while the woman survives the challenge with a playful demeanour to draw an illuminating portrait of coping skills, determination and pain. Enjoy!!!

Zack Zack Zack‘s first 5-track EP “Zack Zack Zack EP 1” is out now, on ltd handmade CD & Digital, via label collective Rennweg Records.

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