WL//WH New Music: YOUR 33 BLACK ANGELS “Hott Funn” from “Eternities I” LP

New Music Your 33 Black Angels

photo by Winnie Cheung

This one is a strange, strange, strange, and a bizarre band from New York which releases their brand new Eternities I” LP on May 7. Introducing the outfit with the strange name Your 33 Black Angels a long-running noise-pop freakshow (indeed), somehow indie sounding with a lot of other ingredients like occasional synthwave and with a good dose from their peculiar access to all the alternative jetties. The record includes 13 adventurous tracks where surprises take one another. Intense and totally groovy and dancing songs are messing with some other mid-tempo or laid back tunes with the whole listening process bringing out a real adventure. This genre-defying project has its own stamp of dark pop, electro-paisley new wave space rock, with a dose of crunk bass and rhythm as they create elegant vibrant melodies with strange, and novel sounds from the future and right now. I am pretty sure that these are the edgiest and well-hidden sounds in the Big Apple’s quiver. New York at its most alternative version, or the New Age underground? Both, I guess!

The album works as the soundtrack on one of the most interesting, big, and amazing metropolises of the world where on every corner the scenery and the feeling may change entirely. And this record is absolutely for open-minded people and adventurous characters, you who seek the storms and you who are not really keen on shallow waters. This is a radical, angry, watermark record, designed to embrace and rattle against the times. Combining haute popcraft with touches of the undercurrents of our lives acid house. Paisley Underground, synth wave, field recordings, minimal electronica, and epic RAWK by an artistic collective which drives steady in the jungle.

So, here is the official video of the leading single “Hott Funn” which was published earlier on March, by Richie of Vinyl Villains. “Richie is a mysterious Bushwick programmer that doesn’t leave his loft til the light has disappeared and the day has turned to dark. He is part vampire, part design whiz. He has invented an automated animation program that turns songs into aliens, furry creatures, whatever the sound seems to suggest,” quote Y33BA.

“Eternities I” LP is slated for release on May 7, so stay tuned and Keep Up With Your 33 Black Angels:

photo by Helena Wolfenson