WL//WH New Music: WYBERCRON “Duplicity”

New Music Wybercron 

Austin, TX-based ‘Tiny’ dreampop /shoegaze duo, comprised of Vet Trip‘s musician Thomas Blank, Wybercron has just released their sophomore single“Duality” accompanied by a DIY kaleidoscopic video.

Lyrics use a metaphor of a rainstorm to express feelings of shock, betrayal, and bitter regret.

“Duality” delves into immersive aural realms made up of dainty harmonic textures and shimmering atmospheric reverberations that meander gracefully interspersed by scattered, subtly cymbal-charged, drum beats through luminous and enveloping contemplative moments that let delicate and reverberating melodic guitar shreds flowing along sinuously hearty ascending bass palpitations to intertwine with dreamy, aloof female vocals’ all-encompassing release of hopeless sentimentality, while falling weightlessly through the cloudy days of lingering sorrow.

The hypnotic pull of dim, pinpoint lasers spins patterns and textures over beautifully expressive wide eyes of pain, while colors reflect a metropolitan flow of hazy nights spent roaming the city streets. Unfocused green and red dimensions cut in geometric shapes and neon lights blur time and reality for a lost soul left longing in isolated recollections.

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