WL//WH New Music: Weekly new artists, tracks, videos and weird stuff

Toze’s weekly new artists, tracks, videos and weird stuff #1

7 days x 7 exciting brand new artists, tracks, videos and possibly weird stuff selected by Toze Cardoso…enjoy!

  • We start with a new artist Kristina Aveleva, a.k.a. HEKKSEN from Stavropol, Russia giving us that cold, dark minimal wave in a sort of background muffled lo-fi noise that captivates us, trying to reach that Hante. / Selofan sound. Maybe she’s still figuring out her sound. Go, girl!                                                                         
  • RUMMELSNUFF comes from Großenhain, Germany and gives a funny weird wrestling video track of last years compilation “Salzig Schmeckt Der” on Out of Line Music. Sounding like a kind of electro rejected Olympic athlete who was caught doping from probably an Oktober Fest beer drinking. He looks like Popeye, the sailor man, Fun Stuff!
  • From an unknown underground “prison” well from London really, comes this new Acid Gothic Industrial Techno artist Stefan Brown , a.k.a. BLISTER QUEEN with a self-released debut album “No More Dreaming”. Very dark cyber atmosphere, you can almost feel that your plugged-in to a virtual dark dungeon. Sounding & pounding like well-known artists Ancient Methods, Blush Response + similars, this is a great debut. Hope he gets soon a suitable genre label. Puurrfect!                                                                                                             
  • THROWING MUSES, the first American act to sign to the famous 4AD label. They were originally founded in Newport, Ri, later relocated to Boston, Ma. giving us the beginnings of the Alternative Rock sound. But much before, around 1983, they were called Kristin Hersh and the Muses (Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, on bass Elaine Adamedes and on drums Becca Blumen) all attending high school during that time they recorded some weird fun stuff kids (some were already sounding their seeds for the future) like tracks & now someone on SoundCloud shared them have a listen below. Cool!                                                                                               
  • STAN “Rainfox” IVANTSOV, a Russian musical spoken word & heart stopping artist living in Los Angeles brings us songs/vids after songs/vids of emotional, affecting sad poems. His latest video single called “SCARS” is a beautiful lonesome, heartless song just begging to be safe in this cruel world. The lyrics are outstanding with a great guitars accompanying. Any label out there should pay attention to this dark angel. Just Puurrfect! 
  • Imagine in a forest by a waterfall, eating & drinking to the full until you almost rot! That’s this next video track from the Experimental Punk artist MAX NORDILLE based in Oakland, CA. “Show Biz” taken from his new “Hair Clinic” cassette EP (out on F R E A K S label), that puts you in a weird trance surrounded by weird hungry animals & birds while kids (in a local village market?) laugh in the background. I tell you, this is better than your local crowded supermarket. You must drink this water!                                                                           
  • And the last slash comes a reaper from Chicago, IL’s outfit called LEPER. Skot Shaw & his gang are an experimental gothic rock band with great live dark art performances like in this video for the lead of track from the album “Minimal”, which is a dark death treat coming your way. Run Run away!  See you next week…           

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