New Music Weekend Wolves

German‘s elusive one-man electronic pop project based in Hamburg, Weekend Wolves, releases an invigorating atmospheric DIY video for the cinematic, immersive and intoxicating new single “Free.”

Otherworldly synth strains quiver with slight off-tempo tinny rhythms along a warbled, murky bassline forming an atmospheric drone mist around hypnotic repetitive vocals and hazy heartfelt harmonies, cut with humid horn-like blows to saturate the soothing and swaying tapestry with a breezy, euphoric glow.

Retro Public Domain footage captures the adventurous spirit of the “Weekend Wolves” track “Free” with sprawling views of Nature’s Majesty filmed from the viewpoint of an automobile passenger on a winding road, through tall pine forests and foothills, scattered with vintage 60s travellers and fearless brown bears slowly soaring into rocky, snow-capped mountain tops swept in little fluffy clouds.

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