WL//WH New Music: WE MELT CHOCOLATE “Holy Ramen”


Born in 2014 from stalwarts of the Florentine music scene, active in several local bands, such as Interzone, Evanicetrip, Scum, Smell of Trees, and Shades of Blue, the Italogaze five-piece We Melt Chocolate, made up of Enrico Baroncelli (guitars), Vanessa Billi (voices and keyboards), Marco Corvitto (bass), Francesco Lopes (drums), and Lorenzo Sbisà (guitars), finely blends reverb-drenched wall of sound noise and dreamlike contemplative auras with moody post-punk undertones, in their recently released sophomore album, “Holy Gaze”, from which the sentimental reverie, second single/video “Holy Ramen” is taken, featuring the additional vocal of The Sensitive Club’s Ben Moro.

The hypnotic and dizzying “Holy Ramen” weaves soft, bewitching and beautifully evocative ethereal vocals with a mercurial shimmery tapestry of poignant ringing echoing guitar tones, and hazy fuzzed-out textures, underlined by heart-racing drum beats, and bubbly, warmly pulsing bass lines, to corral tumultuous and obsessive pain-fueled emotions into a soothing outflow of back-up supports and immersive swirling high-pitched and droning six-string swells.

Fall through the cold puffy clouds into a warm comforting bowl of Ramen, where vibrant stirring visuals by @pachidermaproduction blend a surreal dream-like sequence of the Japanese noodles with the whimsical vibe of the soundtrack. Transparent performance overlays, kaleidoscopic cooking visions, and intimate cut scenes take the viewer into a timeless nostalgic fantasy of Hello Kitty artifacts and cerulean blue skies.

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