WL//WH New Music: VVOLVES’ Superb New Single “WELL-LOVED TALES”

New Music:  VVOLVES  

On February 28, British dream pop/ shoegaze collective VVOLVES released the superb brand new single “Well-Loved Tales” that came with an official video too. Following last year’s thrilling introduction to their sonic being with debut single “Momentum”, they once again surprised me with new music that came as a pretty new piece from their puzzle. I don’t know how will the whole picture look and sound but I am intrigued and looking forward to a bigger picture. Both singles have revealed a band that creates the utterly original and so precise shoegaze music with the needed dream-pop blows (or vice versa if you prefer), leading to beauty. VVOLVES own the grace of drinking directly from the shoegaze fountain; they are British, and without saying that all UK shoegazers are good, here we have one Albion act that sounds as they have totally absorbed all the vital and precious things of shoegaze music that really comes naturally and easy from them.

Shoegaze vitality is not only how hard you fight with your pedals at your feet but what you create out of it, as I also believe that the shoegaze preciousness is not only how impressive is the wall of sound that you make, but a rather impressive ‘storytelling’ and ‘vastly-narrative’ idea you are on when you create it all. VVOLVES are so imaginative crafters as they know well the secret (for us) paths of that creation, or to them, there are no secrets at all; everything is shining clear, and they don’t seek to impress; they are naturally impressive creators.

Also try the ‘sparse’ take of this beauty, Track 2, and show them your love!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike