WL//WH New Music: VIOLENTENE “Break The Silence” (Official Lyric Video)


Ottawa based sleek and melodic 80s-tinged Synth Wave duo Violentene return with the new single “Break The Silence”, the follow-up to last year’s “Otherworld” EP.

The band delivers dark, moody, and swirling fascinating electronic soundscapes built on shimmering lush analog synthesizers and driving rhythms set by multi-instrumentalist Roland M., topped by the entrancing emotive vocalizations by MvriJo, that dance on an indiscernible thread that intersects aural past and lyrical present.

A heady and urgent whirl of humming drifting bassline undulations and punchy motorik beats, pulse steadily, swathed by warped chilly layers of uncanny neon synths, stirring in an escapist flow of subdued, anxious energy, imbued with empty, lonely feelings of wistful nostalgia and uneasy disconnection, to bolster angsty piercing vocals, yearning for an enlightening horizon of completion, somewhere, in another time and another place.

Heartfelt lyrics capture the frustration and fear of silence in a relationship, set against an urban metaphor of cold dark isolation.

The intoxicating lyric video casts red and blue dimensions of fear and desire over a sprawling nocturnal cityscape to seamlessly strobe and sync with expanding consciousness suggestions of the soundtrack.

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