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New Music Vast Asteroid


Vast Asteroid from Los Angeles hit the surface of the earth in 2016 with Half Apart EP and just a couple of months ago they released their first self-titled LP that threw more of their stardust on the planet, a record that stayed for good in the stereo magnetizing the senses with its amazing spacegaze storm. The band brings together the lovers of shoegaze, cosmic rock, britpop and heavier stuff like stoner and desert rock. All these shaped their music into spacegaze, an attractive sonic manifest, trippy enough and so groovy weaving their stories like a crew that has wanded in the astral dust for a long time, experiencing the strange and the unknown, putting all pictures together and offering an amazing musical deposit. Vast Asteroid is a supergroup of sorts, composed of The Warlocks bassist Mimi Star, seminal UK punk-rock band Slaughter And The Dogs drummer Mark Reback and singer and guitarist James Poulos. This record is a glance at the night sky, and it is  hauntingly familiar epic which instantly blows your mind and soothes the soul with brilliant guitar riffs and the vocals that capture the listener while the songs’ foundations lay on a tremendously mighty rhythm section, that shakes your speakers lιke an asteroid that fell into your backyard. Having released two official videos already for Sick and Poison Fang, both included in the LP, the band let out their new Spacegaze official video created and edited by Christian Stephen. A 20 minutes opus that will trip and nail you for good, featuring some extra guitar madness by Dave Catching from Eagles of Death Metal…A very confident motion by the band in times where almost no one releases 20 minutes songs and certainly nobody would make an official video for it. You won’t listen to any progressive rock headache but an astonishing and a very compact wall of sound song, lay back, turn it loud and try it, please!

And here’s the link to get the record too !


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Written by Loud Cities Mike