WL//WH New Music: VAN GOOSE “Hard Right” (Official Video)

New Music VAN GOOSE 

Van Goose, the Brooklyn, New York’s brainchild of longstanding producer and multi-instrumentalist Shlomi Lavie, has anticipated the fresh released 9-track sophomore album “Post Truth and Bird Feeders” with a quirky, cinematic DIY video, created by Adam Ben Cohen and Shlomi Lavie himself, for the heady track, “Hard Right.”

A heady off-kilter blend of psych-pop daze, prog-rock surrealism and jazzy vibes, “Hard Right” meanders over a spatial buzzing ambience, oscillating between thrilling taut ripples and pensive delicate moments, in a juxtaposition of obsessive rolling synthetic sequences and warm organic bass pulsations, amid light skipping drum beats, nervous, wiry crystalline guitar licks, and whirring keyboard outpours, to form a curious, and groovy mental maze around soft-spoken vocals, surreal echoes, and breathless choral harmonies, invoking subconscious thought forms from a parallel timeline of colourful, entrancing bliss.

An imaginative video companion by Adam Ben Cohen and Shlomi Lavie, places Noel Figueroa, Eamon Lebow, Sebastian and Oliver, and Colby Groves in a vibrant, timeless realm of universal symbols, suggestive acting, and keen editing to release the mind’s eye of modern dystopic oppression into an insightful, creative headspace of uninhibited perceptions.

Van Goose‘s second album is out now, on Vinyl /CD & Digital formats, via Cardboard Queen Records.

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