WL//WH NEW MUSIC: TISIPHONE “Sick” (Official Video)

NEW MUSIC Tisiphone

Tisiphone is a French three-piece Coldwave band hailing from Lyon, who follow their 2020 sophomore album “Koma Forte”, with an Official Video by Antonin Tricard, for the atmospheric and immersive single “Sick”, the first preview from the forthcoming “Riot Puppets” LP, due out in February 2024, via Icy Cold Records.

The song explores how the doubt, deception, and strange connection elicited by sick people affects the human psyche.

Melancholic, emotional, and “Sick” unfolds an agonizing sullen ceremonial flow punctuated by swift ticking, and hypnotic tapping stark percussions, along with sonorous contemplative bass throbs, ceaselessly washed by warm forlorn synth flows, whilst a beautifully evocative aching vocal tragedy, pierced by distorted rippling guitars, bleeds pain and sorrow from a haunted, mental malady.

Contemplative visuals by Antonin Tricard blend murky reflections, with steamy auras, and sparkling connections to sync with the curious supernatural energy explained in the soundtrack. A hypnotic maze of shapeshifting shadows, intoxicating flows of motion, and endless natural expansions transforms with symbolic suggestions, whilst mind-bending hallucinatory perception and depth-defying insight bloom under the blood-red radiance of a lunar eclipse.

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