WL//WH New Music: The new “Grounded” single by THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN contains the vastness of #shoegaze in a sip

WL//WH New Music  The Churchhill Garden

The third single in 2021 by the dream-pop shoegaze trans-oceanic duo The Churchhill Garden was released earlier on Sept. 7. “Grounded” is as marvellous as was expected from a band that has never released anything far from the narrow top shoegaze music. Τhey are moving almost silent until one day they unexpectedly announce something new, with that ‘new’ being always and at least something remarkable. Sometimes they will publish an LP for sure but until then their big collection of single releases is enough to get the picture and the idea of what is that diamond band; two utterly talented musicians who create ‘forms’ that sound as if they are coming from the top of the mountain.

Andy Jossi (Switzerland) writes the music and plays all the instruments, a guy who grew up during a time where the best alternative music was at its peak (late 80‘s/ early 90‘s). He was drawn to the melancholic sounds of bands like The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Curve, etc, and he eventually went on to become a big fan of the shoegaze movement. These influences are so evident in his music as he is one true ‘child’ of that heritage. With astonishing ideas and thick sound all over he creates similarities to Slowdive‘s quality and thrust, and what an excellent idea to let his musings be led by one of the best women in the genre.

Krissy Vanderwoude (USA) writes and sings her lyrics on the musical tapestry, a lady so important and acknowledged for her taste and knowledge of the wider alternative genres. Also at the front of the extremely important shoegaze act Whimsical (Indiana). She is a gifted singer who never forgot talent means nothing without hard work and good ‘studies’ and these ‘studies’ can also be heard in her radio show on the constellation’s best dream-pop/ shoegaze radio, DKFM (Los Angeles). Hard worker, prolific artist, radio persona, and one really enviable chanteuse with so many influences that work as the aces within her vocal style. I can fast trace Miki  Berenyi (LUSH, Piroshka), Rose Carlotti (The Heart Throbs), and Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses) among these goddesses who spoke to her mind and soul.

“Grounded” is one gorgeous and groovy and windy tune by all means. With excellent recordings, excellent work in the studio, excellent and targeted mix, and precise mastering too, this new single contains the vastness of shoegaze and reveals the good connection of the two members in only 03:48, with Andy unveiling one triumphant truth; the song sounds like easy to handle but listen to it carefully, the song is quite busy yet he recorded it like narrating his means quite discreetly. Krissy on the other hand, who knows what she heard in the music that made her or led her to create and place these amazing vocal lines all over it! And as simple indie-oriented lines may sound, turn it up or use your headphones to understand better her vision, which hides in the words that she wrote.

Last, a special mention on the front covers of The Churchhill Garden; Most of them are coming from the words in their songs, an old-school style similar to 4AD‘s glories. Each image they use to envelop their music is coming from the lyrics or they imply it/ them. Υou see one closed or abandoned rollercoaster with seagulls on one grey day…now go check the song and listen/ read the lyrics. Things in there are metaphorical as they can also be literal to the bone, it is up to you to decide. The song is what it is or what it implies…take a ride on that rollercoaster and see for yourself, and listen loud please, the rain has passed or is it ahead?!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike