WL//WH New Music: The new fully armed “Metropolis” LP by NIGHT IN ATHENS

WL//WH New Music  Night In Athens

Night In Athens

Yesterday on October 31, one-woman solo artist Night In Athens premiered her brand new “METROPOLIS” album on Bandcamp that is fully armed with 9 brand new electro protest songs. NIA is an electronic musician, singer, lyricist, and artist sharing her life in both London and Athens and a music maker who cannot resist unveiling the murk and the sociopolitical fungus of our utterly corrupted once brave societies of our species, the Humans. Original DIY in the means of her creation everything she makes is coming from her private den where she is spending her most creative time to make this absolutely raw-sounding synthesized music.

What I adore in her work is the feeling I get that many consider old school electro, only that this old school style is actually the new eternal that is far from any sonic new styling, low budget, and totally urban and streetwise in all. Everything you will hear in “METROPOLIS” LP is rooted in the underground music gatherings; the punk parties in the universities, the far-left and the antiauthoritarian festivals, and such similar live gigs. The album is sung in the English language with 2 tracks rendered in Greek. There is an official video for the title song “Metropolis” (one of the two tracks in GR language), watch and listen to get the idea and I’ll tell you more afterwards (You look down And you jump Cold sweat runs through And suddenly you wake up Metropolis )!!!

I need to give you now something I found on her website that reflects to her art in general

My work is driven by the uneasy sense of danger, extreme pessimism and decay often found in horror movies and celebrated by the punk and goth movement. There is a preference for dark colors and sentiments, tapping into our unending fascination of the thing that frightens us most- death. I am a musician as well as an artist. I am trying to channel both of those interests when bringing an idea to paper, with humour…

Another bullet in the album is “Superstar” this time in English, another piece that contains everything she is doing, everything she wants, and everything she is shouting against our remarkable world…

So, you will listen to that kind of electro, the dark electro thing that swings along the circuit with punk and darkwave and coldwave with her ventures becoming not just ‘nice’ but thoroughly creative and so much protest music to dance to like a skeletal mohawk. Here is the entire ‘METROPOLIS’ LP by Night In Athens, listen loud!!!

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Night In Athens, photo by Mariana Messaggi

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike