WL//WH New Music: “The Gardens of Memory” debut EP by GARNET FIELDS


Garnet Fields

Introducing the American duo Garnet Fields (California) with their striking debut release “The Gardens of Memory” EP, which I hope will move you as much as us. The duo comprises Californian singer/songstress/lyricist Eleanor X (ex-Lower Savage and solo as The New Arctic), and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rob Pelikan from Nevada, also known as DeAnima

it was recorded at a time I really needed an outlet/healing and has a lot of heart and soul in it. We have a great natural musical collaboration that really flows, and will likely record more together in the future.for this new project, Eleanor X says

I hope and want the band to continue to exist rather than be a shining shooting star with a killer debut release that made them (precious) ashes. Everything from the golden era of 4AD‘s output back in the early-mid 80s is the core inspiration of this new band that sounds, not just like well-read, but like a dark diamond that was born within this particular ‘discotheque’ of the centuries. All things early darkwave; the dark romantic music lines with the heartfelt and mysterious vocalization all over their songs with the passion found in that kind of music we adore is the flare-up to their songs, and “The Gardens of Memory” EP comes directly from the archetype of the New Wave.

You will hear the rustling of Cocteau Twins in their music, the imaginary of This Mortal Coil, the early dark chants of DCD, and you will also see the black veil of the then-newborns Clan Of Xymox too (but not that veil in the haunted grooves “Louise” or “Back Door” but the veiled ‘mourn’ in songs like “Lorretine” and “Masquerade”). You will hear what is to be inspired and then chase the dream of John Fryer in the studio, the 4AD sound. The entire debut release by Garnet Fields is a very emotional achievement by all means that if the aforementioned label released it today as the self-forgotten-disc-from-the-old-day, people would immediately and unbelievably believe it.

I’d like to also mention the front cover; the tree in the field under a cloudy/cracked sky, all in a garnet shade, you can almost smell the humidity in the air, the beautiful scent of the darkwave, the envelope of a great debut record. Now, listen to the album and in a little while, you will smile meaningfully. Focus tracks? Just go to the 7′:35″ long “Feral” as it hides the deep soul of the band. Here is the mini-album, listen to it with love!!!

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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