WL//WH New Music: The Do Not’s, dark anthems for the modern spiritualist living in a material world

New Music  The Do Not’s

I am thrilled to present to you my new discovery, The Do Not’s!

Hailing from the second most populous city of Greece, Thessaloniki (aka Salonica), The Do Not’s is definitely the hottest brand new entry in the wider rock and roll scene of the town. They started publishing their music since last April, and they have already loaded 6 magnificent singles in their cylinder, it’s all “dark anthems for the modern spiritualist living in a material world“.

Blending post-punk and occasionally flirting with shoegaze, the band is offering a straight-up garage rock sonic canvas. Pretty melodic, pretty groovy, pretty sleazy, pretty all, The Do Not’s is a band which praises the urban “rocky-rivers” of Salonica, a city which holds a unique heritage in the broad alternative scene of Greece. Accustomed to the city’s “terrors” and means, accustomed to the same city’s rock haunts for more than 20 years now, I guarantee the band plays the soundtrack of Salonica‘s 24-hour “passions”, amplified.

It couldn’t be different than that, The Do Not’s is one more talented naughty gang from the North which is never afraid to expose its “delights” and deeds, proudly “mocking” the Athenian rock and roll glories. Yeah, the leading personnel, Sandy and Nikodemos, show an obvious adoration toward (what we could define as) the beatnik rock music. Actually they simply “translate” their whole narrative (and clearly underlining it) into rock music which is an outstanding effort of dark riffing, nocturnal story sleazing, elegant sounding, and way more passionate in all. The Do Not’s combine the great real indie tradition and songwriting with post-punk beats and bass riffs and shoegaze vocals with their own musicality, lyricism and performance, bringing to life their very own soundscapes, voices and images in a totally DIY concept.

I could continue writing novels and romances on their music and the same city of Salonica, I could continue presenting to you each track alone but I would surely spoil the surprises of a great discovery by yourself alone. So, I shut up, I share my Athenian salutes to Salonica and I leave you alone with The Do Not’s!

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Written by LoudCities Mike