WL//WH New Music: The debut EP “H​æ​resis” from WEMPUSA


WEMPUSA, photo by @arthur.w.photo

Let’s all shout, “Welcome the witches from the moors!” as on October 28 came WEMPUSA with their debut “H​æ​resis” EP  loaded with 4 new tales from the unseen world. I couldn’t write it more epic so let’s go into this amazing album by this four-piece band from Clermont-Ferrand, en France. Camille, Chloé, Laura, and Fanny weave doomgaze music as adored in the tribe of the ‘crestfallen’ but with a few peculiar hints; yes it is all doom, but with some gothic blows too while flirting with the occasional heavy grunge dust. Also, put in their talent in creating riffs and melodies and refrains that stick to the mind, and add one very serious chanteuse at the front and you have a simply stunning result.

WEMPUSA, what a tricky name for a doom band! Although they are relatively new, their sound suggests that they are already an experienced rock band but their latest EP, “Hæresis”, only follows their initial specimens, the “Dracula” single released a couple of years ago, which was accompanied by one more track that can also be found on their Soundcloud page. They play heavy stuff by all means blending it all with what they quote for themselves as “Witch Doomgaze From Ancient Tales”, and all this makes perfect sense already from the first audition. Solid sound by a compact troupe of ‘witches’ who narrate their hearts and minds in a very modern all-doom sonic spectacle. Yes, I am so amazed by what I hear in their music, and proof of that is that I have already played a song of theirs on the radio (and I’ll play more for sure).

“Hæresis” consists of four tales that take the listener on a quick but supremely ‘torturous’ and magical journey through their own universe and as the record ends, the listener is left eagerly pressing the repeat button. “Inferno”, “Solstice”, and “Wolfpack” all lead to the ‘conclusion’ of the “Bizarre Syndrome” which is the best song on the record, a rare song with exceptional musical verve.

So, here is the “H​æ​resis” EP, you can grab it Digitally or on CD and listen to it loud (without headphones)!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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