WL//WH NEW MUSIC: THE BV’S “Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures” (Official Video)

New Music  The BV’s

Established in 2016, by Endlich Blüte guitarist Fred Jehle and Josh Turner (Planet Jazz) while living in a shared house in Falmouth, Cornwall, the four-piece Augsburg denizens, The BV’s, are approaching the February 16, 2024 release of the band’s third album, “Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures”, co-released by Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten and Shelflife Records, sharing the second single and title track paired with a DIY Official Video created and animated by Fred Jehle himself.

The quartet once again reveal their startling off-kilter Pop prowess with a reflective, slow-burning jangly lullaby that stirs underneath heartfelt, excited vocals, longing to see another whilst insistent tangled layers of vibrant, ethereal glistening melodies sparkle and knead over warm humming bass pulses and light skipping percussions, shifting pace midway into groovy and playful urgent vibes when joined by a friendly backup. 

The accompanied visuals shuffle thought-provoking geometries with vintage photograph methods to sync with the nuance of the soundtrack. In contrast to our present-day immediate gratification and somewhat thoughtless process of photography, we are reminded about the intricacy and patience that it used to take just to hold and cherish the memory of a loved one.

THE BV’S upcoming third album, “Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures”, is slated for release, in Vinyl 12″ LP & Digital formats, on February 16, 2024, through a joint released by Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten and Shelflife Records.

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