WL//WH New Music: SYNEBA “Signal 1969” [Official Videoclip]


Syneba is the alter ego of Barcelona based Dark Electronic artist and producer Esther Alarcón, who is fresh from sharing a nostalgic Sci-Fi video collage dedicated to the 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission to accompany her latest atmospheric, spacey yet bouncy single “Signal 1969,” a pit stop on the way to her October 1, 2022 release of the 7-track album “Hypothermia.”

Hypnotic spatial textures expand into depth-defying auras around fragmented voice clips from the “Apollo 11” lunar landing, to ignite an immersive, comforting blend of groovy bouncy bass lines, thumping dance beats, fragile celestial cries, and minimal guitar string ripples, before shifting drastically back into the cold isolation of the intro, where alienating icy bright constellations and droning bass vortices elicit disconnected frequencies of stark and endless heady dread.

Retro found footage of public domain images from the NASA archives captures the Spectacular 1969 Apollo 11 journey to the moon by blending weightless training exercises with an explosive rocket launch, and surreal outer space atmospheres to sync the mind’s eye of discernment and fantasy with the moody, alternating vibes of the soundtrack.

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