WL//WH New Music: SPUNSUGAR “(You Never) Turn Around”

New Music Spunsugar

Malmö-based shoegaze /noise-rock trio Spunsugar after delivering a quite impressive debut album “Drive-through Chapel” at the end of 2020, don’t waste time in the new year, boldly avoiding to repeat a proven formula, with the synth-floodlit whimsical new single “(You Never) Turn Around” via Adrian Recordings.

The lyrics reflect on a moment waiting for a grand sign of everlasting love, only to find lukewarm indifference.

Off-tempo punchy rhythms, buzzing bassline, quivering guitar strains, stabbed by flashing loose-limbed new-wave-ish synth swathes, instil a deep chasm of bitter angst and brooding pain atop of airy, wistful female vocals floating and falling obsessively through a heartfelt swoon of lost dreams.

While not straightforwardly edgy and punching as on former occasions, the band gets the same compelling results with equally overwhelming relentless attitude and unique pizazz.

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photo by Charlie Wedin