WL//WH New Music: SPOTLIGHT KID “Darkwaters”

New Music Spotlight Kid

Nottingham, UK Psychedelic Shoegazers Spotlight Kid, return with a heady new video for the dreamy track “Darkwaters”, taken from the upcoming EP of the same name due on Friday 5th March, including a cover of Swedish synthpop queen Robyn‘s 2005 dance hit “With Every Heartbeat”.

Dubbed by the band:

a cocktail of Neu!-derived motorik pulse and Velvet Underground drone with a Cocteau Twins-esque guitar melody that chimes over the dreamy vocal.

“Darkwaters” unfolds poignant guitar strings and rapid abrasive flutter sewing painful memories through a droning mesmerizing tapestry of steady, propulsive beats, low throbbing bassline and beautifully layered atmospheric male /female vocalizations, rising and falling in airy playful swooping breaths of mercurial flight through a shimmering reverb haze of angst-ridden euphoria.

Lyrics reflect on modern dystopic society through a collective consciousness asserting courage and independence while leaving regret and anger behind.

Severe thunderstorm skies time lapse ominous black and blue night-vision dimensions spreading awe and power around veiled lightning bolts flash dancing in sync to the magnetic drum beats’ cut scene appearance. Hypnotic wall cloud formations swirl into churning flames of lava lamp confection floating psychedelically behind a narcotic skywalker performance left waning in the ethereal horizons’ psychosis.

Spotlight Kid‘s “Darkwaters” EP is slated for release on Friday 5th March via Bandcamp and on all the best streaming platforms.

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