WL//WH New Music: SOLD ASH “Puppy Runt”

WL//WH New Music   Sold Ash   

Started towards the end of 2019, Cape Town, South Africa based vibrant and melodic Experimental / Noise Rock musical project Sold Ash, led by producer and musician Ruan Vos, drops a psychological lyric video, filmed by Joshua Stein and edited by Ines Soutschka (Cult Wife), for the single, “Puppy Runt”, the second preview taken from Sold Ash’s upcoming debut album “Howl A Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth,” the follow-up to the 2020’s first self-titled EP, scheduled for release on August 26, 2022.

‘Puppy Runt’ was initially the name of a side project that Roxy Caroline and I wanted to start back in the day, but that never worked out. I then decided to change the song title to Puppy Runt (it was originally called Whining Beer) and release the song on my debut EP, but, that didn’t work out either.

The off-kilter and psychedelic-infused “Puppy Runt”, featuring Roxy Caroline on vocals, layers of distorted, noisy shivering guitar riffs, sparkling surging ripples, and droning FX, with ominously wobbling drum beats, and sonorous bass line vibrations to form a chaotic surge of high-hysteria around dual atmospheric vocal energies frozen betwixt numb breezy dread and icy frightful alarm to mirror the claustrophobic feelings of fear, shame, and impending doom associated with severe interactional anxiety.  

A nervous visual stream of consciousness syncs lyrics with the manic eye movements of a distressed being whose racing thoughts and social angst trigger a full-blown panic attack. Eye-opening video brings the lyrical theme to life, using the up close and personal shots of a man’s soul to evoke serious unease at the hands of an alienated mental state whilst skewed, kaleidoscopic, and dissected camera work mimics the enhanced inner awareness with awkward sensations.

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