WL//WH New Music: “Sisters”, the killer debut single by Swedish post-punkers HEXATE

New Music Hexate

Please welcome Hexate from Stockholm, Sweden, with their newly born debut single ‘Sisters’ which was released on June 15th. Comprised of Jimmy Svensson  (music), and Nadia Fagerdin (vocals and lyrics), the duo seems that will impress us all in the near future as their only first release is clearly a striking offering of coldwave music on a pretty solid darkwave axis. The track tells the story of female empowerment and the fight against patriarchy and the whole thing is mounted upon an almost raging sonic field. There is a certain ongoing thrust in the song as it is also obvious that Hexate is a skilled team in creating pure and ‘cinematic’ coldwave music.

And if this is only their first release then all I think is that they probably have a number of songs ready to unveil. You know, sometimes new bands may initially throw a debut single to catch the feedback and see how all of us will react to it, and here we have such a striking tune, my dears, while they note that

our music is the soundtrack of dimly lit streets, in an angst-filled world and with a pulse from the 80s, inspired by everything from the post-punk classics to modern soundtracks 

Hexate is on WL//WH’s radar as we decided pretty fast and clear that we must absolutely present them to you without any delay. All we hope is in the near future the whole dark alternative world shall enjoy more of their music. For the time being, here is ‘Sisters, turn it loud!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike