WL//WH New Music: SEBASTIANO LILLO “Kissmonger”


Monopoli, Italy’s acoustic/electric guitar player, songwriter, producer and head of Trulletto Records, Sebastiano Lillo, drops a trippy video by Marco Meledandri for the evocative instrumental song “Kissmonger”, taken from Sebastiano Lillo’s brand new EP, “New Way To Live”, released at the start of July via Trulletto Records.

The 4-tracker shouts a new artistic identity for the South Italian bluesman, glimpsed in this Spring’s two previous singles, “Faulty boy” and “Tons of lies.”  Slide, Roots and Blues, both keywords of his music up to now, blend with Fuzz, Rock and a dash of Psychedelia, giving birth to original sounds which highlight a new filthy, hybrid and sometimes hypnotic style.

An enthralling, atmospheric and brooding desert-tinged instrumental strain, embellished with minimal primal cicada chirps, layers groovy, bluesy guitar melodies into evocative carousing and prowling vibrations of slow-burning tensions, releasing waves of heady sentient allure, entangled with buzzing, deep chord throbs, to echo reverb stained dimensions of soothing stringed ripples and obsessive mental tendencies into mellow pounding outflows of heart calming frequencies.

A psychedelic surreal video, directed by Marco Meledandri, shot on location at Villa Giulia in Castellana Grotte (Puglia, South of Italy), captures a sundown jam session amid a natural cactus-lined grove of mind-expanding horizons. Seemingly time-lapsed auras skew and melt visual interpretation using asymmetric depths, trace overlays, and sepia-tinged hues to concoct a dissociative mental state of shape-shifting amalgamations. An immersive blend of organic, feeling emotions pours from the magnetic charisma of a sunglass-clad guitar player whose blurry barefoot backyard wandering, cast in the brilliant and angular sun setting rays, expands the mind’s eye into daydreamy visions of transcendental bliss.

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