NEW MUSIC  Ritüel For Two  

Ritüel For Two is a Mexican Dark Wave duo, made up of Karim Rosales and Belem Politron, formerly of Tiajuanan Psychobilly bands Los Helldandys and Intrepid Mutants, who return to WL//WH with an evocative video by Pablo Aristo for the dark romantic synth-driven new single “Dark Stars,” a song about a psychic love connection forged in the stars.

Mystic outflows open portals to vast, distant horizons where an ominous driving bass line, steady marching beats, and twinkling icy bright synth chimes surround harsh whispery vocal breaths with magnetic pulsations from dark and dreamy skies.

Endless magic seas ebb and flow in foreboding frequencies with the mesmeric silhouettes of edgy shadow dancers to set the stage for the bewitching emergence of a Gothic Sea Queen. Immersive flows of motion sync seamlessly with the surreal vibes of the soundtrack whilst dramatic costume and makeup by Veronica Black pull the viewer into a supernatural realm of beautiful archetypal fantasy.

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