WL//WH New Music: One clear-cut Amazing band with the Peculiar name Q-7 THREE TIMES!!!

New Music Q-7 Three Times

Q7X3, photo by Thea Curtis

Today we are presenting this brand new outfit from St. Gallen, Switzerland, the amazing trio of Q-7 Three Times which according to their plans, will be ready to release a full debut LP at the end of the year. Before that, they managed to amaze me with their already three releases in the last months. The band comprises of George Magouras (a GR born, Swiss-based musician) on the songwriting, guitar, synthesizers, vocals, and programming, Alex Huldi on words, vocals, and the art direction, and Roger Frankhauser, on bass. These friends know each other for more than 25 years and have met in various bands in the past, only to follow their own path shortly thereafter. From time to time they talked about music and other things and almost quietly in October 2019 they unleashed their first little record ‘5K In The Safe’ where they included their first 3 shining bullets.

Back then, Q-7 Three Times presented one outstanding blend they created with spices from the old-firm post-punk style, a little coldwave, and a generous dose of darkgaze in the track ‘Europa I’. What I listened to in their music was a very strong team (after all they are old friends), with everybody handling successfully the needed roles in the arrangements. I was pretty sure all we had here was a very serious team with brilliant musings, and that was just the start!

This year and specifically April 15, they published another 2-track record entitled ‘Chaque Nuit A Son Malheur’. And what a striking surprise was to hear the band offering another couple of musical dimensions to their music. Now, while keeping steady in their own style they progress it further into a bit of a more coldwave severity, and another industrial amazement like in the track ‘Brother Justin Crowe’. Where are they going? What a peculiar and a very talented band is this?! You know, it takes decades ‘studying’ and loving these genres and it also needs original talent to achieve what this team creates, listen!

And still, in April 2020 they unveiled another little specimen of their intentions, the 2-track release ‘And Europe Lies Dormant’ where they took it all to a darker path, to the origins of the old world post-punk and toward the beloved sleaze and the passion of the freaks; the Batcave roots are exposed in this marvellous record. So, all we have so far by Q-7 Three Times is a total of 7 songs that are paving the way to a great debut full-album in the year. I don’t know if they will include any of these songs in it, as I believe that these songs are already finite for the band itself and because I also know that they have a respected number of more songs that are ready for recording and with another single coming in late summer before the debut album. All things show that we shall witness very big things and great songs by them in the near future, so when the upcoming album releases, be among the first hunters who already knew their name and their music like proud post-punk predators and listen to this loud, please!

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Q-7 Three Times, photo by Thea Curtis

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike