WL//WH New Music Premiere: TONN RECORDINGS Releases Debut LP by Colombian Synth-Wizard DAVID P.

New Music Premiere DAVID P. TONN Recordings

Now, this is another striking release by Belfast independent label TONN RECORDINGS! It is more than obvious that the owner of the label, Mary McIntyre, is doing a great job in her lovely sonic boutique, it is a reality that everybody in the synthesized universe concedes as she always presents to the public some pretty edgy recordings.

This time today, October 28, TONN released the debut S/T album by the Colombian synth-wizard David P. (aka David Pinilla). It is a 7-track offering of minimal-synth-wavey music by a man who is an architect-Interior Designer, interested in counterculture and the synth sounds from the ’70s and ’80s. His music is mutually haunted by darkwave and the minimal electronics nostalgia, interpreted by analog synths, step sequencers, rhythm machines, effect pedals, and his voice. I think that a photo from his workstation speaks alone. Look at this beauty!

I was totally amazed by his music when the label primarily unveiled the track ‘La Noche’ only a day before the official release date of the album. I went a bit gloriously nuts with the whole sonic outfit like someone has kicked me out of my desk to the morbid dancefloor of my living room, please listen why this happened to me and value the artist’s effort!

The record is all crafted like revisiting the restless days of the international minimal synth cosmos as it appeared four decades ago in the matrix cities of that musical experiment which stayed forever, Paris, London, NY, and Rome of course. David P now is not any retro addicted visitor of and from the past. He blends his musings with the adored Batcave care but he actually narrates modern terrors with many elements from our current urban culture. Swinging between coldwave, minimal synth, and the subterraneous sleaze of synth-punk too, he writes the music score of the new age ‘glory’ days and his album is simply a stunning honesty of his motions and his original talent. Expect to hear all these in his album with the four industrial smokestacks and expect to feel like dancing in that pretty uneasy site. Also, you shall experience two episodes of craze and chaos in the tracks ‘Trance en el infamundo’ and ‘Sunday’. I won’t give you any other focus tracks because I want you to discover alone the album and to choose your own track off of the album. Mine is only the whole record!

David P. is heading to becoming another acknowledged ambassador of the Latin synth cult tribe, or is he already one? I expect a further tour-de-force by him as his debut album is a very strong accredit of his intentions. The record was mixed and produced by him at Grand Street Studio Brooklyn, NY and Gaius Studio Bogotá, Colombia. Big credits too to Crystalline Stricture who mastered the album!

Here is his debut with the four industrial smokestacks, dance!


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Written by Loud Cities Mike