WL//WH New Music: PARIS ALEXANDER “Moirai’s Whisper” (Single)


Brighton-based, English singer, songwriter, music producer, and longtime Antipole collaborator Paris Alexander, fresh from releasing the brilliant Antipole’s “Crystalline” album, ends the year with an unreleased live favorite, “Moirai’s Whisper”, featuring the gothic ethereal backing vocals of the usual close associate Eirene and the atmospheric guitar of Simon Meek, via his own Blue Door Production, a ‘dramatic gothic reflection on life’s pathway and the passing of time’.

A dark misty and supernatural flood of ominous flickering gurgling bass lines and skipping, clapping dance rhythms flow under an ether of sinister swarming synth glows, piercing and echoing guitar distortions, and shivering, droning cinematic swirls, whilst the three Moirai goddesses cast suggestive whispers, chilling baritone broods, and cold celestial skies into a vast entangled web of orchestrated fate.

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