NEW MUSIC  Maud Anyways  

Per request, the brilliant DIY French Indie Pop artisan Maud Anyways has reissued through fellow Brighton’s UK independent label, Shore Dive Records, Ltd. CD copies of last year’s sold-out debut album “Impermanent Lane”, from which the DIY video for the third track, “Absurd”, springs forth, featuring the underlying driving bass work of Casper Iskov.

 Blending stunningly breezy and spacey Lush-esque shoegaze vibes with proto-Madchester lilting hypnotic rhythmic undercurrents, “Absurd” glides on lush, dreamy, and heady ambience, aroused by fuzzed-out hazy sheets of prismatic guitar drifts with glistening rippling radiance, and fluid synth glows, charged by plodding solid drum beats and light churning bass grooves, to swell over beautifully evocative fragile emotional vocals, honing in on the absurdity of a life spent dreaming all the time, rather than living in the present.

Grainy black and white DIY visuals shuffle spacey geometric overlays with an intimate performance by Maud Anyways to sync with the depth of the soundtrack. Psychedelic and kaleidoscopic configurations expand in groovy mesmeric frequencies, to open hidden portals of insight where selective lyrics guide the viewer toward clarity of vision.

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