WL//WH New Music: LUNAR TWIN “Beyond The Sun”

WL//WH New Music  Lunar Twin

Long distance soulful, cinematic North American sonic travelers Bryce Boudreau (lyricist, vocalist) and Chris Murphy (multi-instrumentalists, producer), AKA Lunar Twin are back, after almost a two-year long hiatus, to unveil the upcoming release of Lunar Twin’s second album, “Aurora”, due out on 1 December 2022, teased by the first single, “Beyond The Sun”, and its moody, cyber-tinged video directed by Mizuki Hayashi.

Escapist lyrics long and ache for a loved one while decompressing in a sunless, limbonic realm.

The trippy mercurial “Beyond The Sun” unfolds burbling anxious low ends pulse with an obsessive and stifling downtempo gait on a rippling and buzzing murky bed of crispy stumbling beats and subdued crashing sizzles, to ricochet in a disorienting sway of heady surreal expansions, amid hypnotic husky vocal dreams, cascading airily through an unfolding dichotomy of shapeshifting vibes.

An immersive video, directed by Mizuki Hayashi, blends phantasmagoric visions with colorful action-packed illustrations to capture the heavy, light contrasts of the soundtrack. Sulking silhouettes, magical beaded ornamentation, and a shadowy performance build mysterious moods whilst high-energy motorcycle depictions careen against a futuristic urban backdrop. Depth-defying snowflakes and black flying birds hypnotize with repetitive beauty over an intoxicating bipolar flow of motion to seek harmony and balance betwixt dim natural textures and electrifying neon-fused sci-fi fantasy.

Lunar Twin‘s upcoming digital LP “Aurora” is slated for release on 1 December 2022. 

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