WL//WH New Music: JAUS “Fields”

WL//WH New Music  Jaus

After unfolding billowing sparkly caressing wafts of vaporous melodious haze with their pretty compelling first income “Oceans” (check the Live Maquiladora Session below), JAUS, the shoegazing neo-psychedelic band based in Mexico City, started by Emilio Enríquez (Guitar/ Voice) and Rodrigo Guevara (Bass and arrangements), later joined by Ulises Garnica (Lead Guitar), Carlos Márquez (Drums) and Giovanni Carrillo (Synths), with the latest sophomore single, “Fields”, somehow shift the sonic mood to shimmering phantasmagoric lysergic auras, magnetic and seething at the same, to inspire heady mind-expanding groovy introspections enshrouded in glittering esoteric reveries.

by @jaimefphoto

Tangible lyrics build a psychedelic mirage of sun, sand, and daydreams to describe how precious memories make us feel alive, despite fading quickly into distant subliminal realms.

“Fields” begins, and then ends, with a ritualistic, hypnotic and crisp percussive pattern melting into swaying steady drum beats to induce a sinuous, syncopated, and danceable ‘Screamadelica’ groove, combined with wobbly layers of droning distortion pulsing through an intense tremolo effect, heightened by vibrating slivers of sparkly ringing guitar and hearty low ends, amidst narcotic, hazy male vocals and elated soothing hums, wandering in intoxicating agony and ecstasy of falling emotions to drift, roused by deep rumble and grumble bass throbs, into a dizzying cathartic build of piercing, shrieking guitar leads, to finally gaze euphorically through the sparkling sands of time.

Mexican gazey trippy explorers appear to be a band bold and intriguing enough to dazzle us even more in the near future.

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