WL//WH New Music: HOLY SHIP “Beyond Frames”

New Music Holy Ship

Following last year’s highly appreciated sophomore EP “Les Deux Regards”Holy Ship, the music project of Stockholm-based musician and composer Jonatan Westh, a former member of late 00’s shoegaze band Blackstrap, returns in the new year with the new single, “Beyond Frames”, via US boutique indie label Declared Goods.

Since his inception in 2018, the Swedish artist ventures into heady and kaleidoscopic sonic excursions straddle the line between Psychedelia, Shoegaze and Indie Rock with intoxicating Brit-Pop/Baggy nuances, built on wobbling and clattering, mostly danceable, rhythms, a pulsating and stirring synth-fueled electronic heart and a whirlwind of sparkling guitars, the new single kicks things up into a new level of psychedelic indie rock’s unhinged energy.

Disorienting lyrics touch on breaking free from self-imposed prisons that can lead to more strife than safety.

“Beyond Frames” unravels through an erratic swaying of syncopated beats, encompassed by sparkling and resonant vortexes of cool, hypnotic keyboards, to inlay solemn architectures with ecstatic but wistful contours, in an enveloping swell of transcendental bliss, coloured by scintillating wailing trails of lysergic guitar melodies, to reverberate swirling and palpitating somber forsaken moods atop airy angsty vocals projecting high elated fear into distant celestial skies of glimmering hope.

The psychedelic video, directed by Jonatan Westh himself, syncs seamlessly with lyrical themes of invisible shackles and unattainable dreams using hazy hypnotic imagery to pull the viewer into an alternate universe of enhanced perception where things are not as bright and shiny as they seem. Burned-out sunsets, dizzying dance moves, and monstrous mushroom clouds blur the mind’s eye between reality and imagination, opening parallel timelines of a condemned existence with backward flows of spectacular motion whilst kaleidoscopic windows illuminate manipulated cultural distractions to destroy a meaningless existence with a vast reservoir of endless visions

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