WL//WH New Music: “Hole-Frog” is the new release by Italian ‘RitualWave’ duo CIRQUE D’ESS…plus a few more things!


Keep this name because it looks like we have a pretty striking new entry in the pitch! Introducing the Italian electronic ritualists CIRQUE D’ESS from Pisa, this duo consists of Valerio ‘Ryo’ Girmenia on music and arrangements, and Martina ‘Miriam’ Bufalini on vocals and lyrics. Originating from the Italian school of fine darkness, CIRQUE D’ESS continues with the landmark vision of the Italian Batcave aesthetics and the musical approach as it was initially sired in Florence, Rome, and Milan in the ’80s. With modern machines and new ideas, Ryo and Miriam present a most likely Ritual Wave sonic feast of electronic storms and grooves. On May 7 they unveiled the amazing new official video of the ‘Hole-Frog’ maxi that is available for download and streaming since June 7 through their Bandcamp account. Let’s watch this pretty imposing specimen and I have some more to say after that!

The RitualWave my friends; the new tag which includes and condenses in one term the whole journey as blended by E.B.M., electroclash, industrial electro, darkwave, and some hidden techno in one only sonically addictive motion. In 2017, CIRQUE D’ESS released their debut ‘EP/1’ where you may listen to the band’s plain DNA and I suggest you should also dive in this record which was a mix of electroclash with post-punk!

In 2019 CIRQUE D’ESS started with experimenting a new creative way to compose and arrange their songs driven by clear ideas of what they want to play and communicate. The pair’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed, so much so that the always clever German label Cold Transmission Music didn’t think twice about signing the band. They are currently working on their new debut LP release, which should be titled “Black, Synthetic and Dense”, with the precious collaboration of Lorenzo Montanà (Tying Tiffany, Vanity, Pete Namlook, Letherdive, etc.). ‘Hole-Frog’ is the leading focus track as a maxi-single and, as I am accustomed to the Italian dark alternative electro-style (and a fan of it), I can hardly wait for a full album by this band!!!

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Written By Loud Cities’ Mike