WL//WH New Music: HEXMAZE “Stalemate”


Regulars on the London live music circuit since their inception in 2017, Aneta (Le Junk), Alex (Hussy), Emma (Well Adjusted), Mel (Minnie Mircos) and Sophie (Hussy), AKA Hexmaze are a self-proclaimed group of gals making fuzzed-out jams and harmonic chants, hailing from the UK, Sweden, Poland, and Mexico, who follow up last week’s release of a five-year anniversary remastered version of “Hex Hex Hex”, with the new single “Stalemate”, a preview of their forthcoming EP.

Taking cues from ’90s US College Indie Rock bands such as Veruca Salt and Blake Babies with Grungey undertones, “Stalemate” sways, moodily, between lethargy and chaos, driving by tumultuous rhythms, over meditative groovy guitar chords, distorted crunchy riffs, and high-pitched piercing leads, around emotional vocal layers of sad sassy broods and angry falling screams, left wallowing wearily through another’s deceptive ways.

Melodic, energetic, and good, wholesome Indie-Rock fun, play loud!!!

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