WL//WH New Music: HATIF “Repetition”

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Stockholm based, Swedish eclectic electronic duo, comprised of Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström, have dropped the moody new track, “Repetition“, the fourth single taken from the forthcoming debut album, “Everything is Repetition”, due out in Spring 2022, via Town And Tower Records.

Introspective lyrics follow the sometimes mindless, repetitious thought patterns found in a series of alternate consciousnesses to expose the conflicting realities held within a relationship.

The dynamic and bouncy “Repetition” ignites dark, dangerous, dramatic mechanical vibes through shuddering, rumbling bass tone oscillations, steady hypnotic beats, and erratic, spinning, and untuned distortive frequencies, echoing parallel synthetic dimensions from backward flows of motions around the emotional intensity of romantic heartfelt croons releasing pain, fear, and confusion under celestial dread and hostile reflections to die restlessly into a beautifully tragic outflow of fragile piano melodies.

A gorgeous, isolated sea-scape visualizer draws from the unconscious well of daydreams to connect the dots between the mind’s eye and the natural motifs, cycles, and rhythms of the earth. Geometric shape recognition merges with lights and shadows to increase depth-defying perception from the archetypal connection of inherited memories. Ideas and textures pursue logical paths of aesthetic beauty to download transcendental wisdom from higher levels of light. Disordered footprints wander thoughtlessly through the sand to reveal overlooked shades, inspirations, and angles born out of chaos, engaging latent curiosities with newfound perspectives from a fading sunset’s diminishing rays.

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Photo by © Daniel Kwon