WL//WH New Music: GOLEM DANCE CULT “Dalek Rhetoric”

 New Music  Golem Dance Cult

Golem Dance Cult is a self-proclaimed Industrial Dance Rock duo made up of lifelong friends Charles Why (Lost A Noise/Nexus/L-DOPA) and Laur (Sparkling Bombs/Kevin K Band/Vague Scare/Other-ed) who, after following their own musical paths, come together, across borders, from Australia to France, to deliver this unique project.

“Dalek Rhetoric”, the fourth video/song combo since their 2021 origin, adds Aaron (drums), Luis Cyfer (guitar), and Petulant Clark (bass) into the musical craftsmanship whilst taking cultural inspiration from a murderous group of extra-terrestrials from the British Sci-Fi television series Dr. Who.

The track gives us a taste of what is coming from their forthcoming album “Legend of the Bleeding Heart,” due out in March 2023.

Dalek are extraterrestrial killing machines with a binary thinking pattern: you are either a Dalek or they will destroy you. This seems fitting with the mentality of the World we live in.

The Glam-Rock colored “Dalek Rhetoric” drives groovy and apocalyptic rousing moods to inject a heavy barrage of grungy droning bass lines, wailing guitar riffs, sound-shattering distortions, and busy drum beats with disruptive, chaotic frequencies, assaulting dreamy lysergic vocal layerings with relentless swarms of hostile, kinetic aggressions. The song perfectly captures the extreme “us or them” mentality of the Daleks while inserting a cool and aloof Anglophone charm.

Trippy visuals shot on location at the Emerald train station in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), as well as in Besançon and Belfort (France) by Klaus Karloff, stir the psyche with shapeshifting perceptions. Thought-provoking visions merge alternate timelines of vintage sci-fi and horror flicks with modern war footage from the Russia-Ukraine conflict to overlay dramatic, glam performance shots with a curious amalgamation of fantasy and destruction. An interesting parallel to the mindless masses of today whose blind participation in a global society gone awry could end with dire consequences.

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