Los Angeles, California-based up-and-coming band Fairfields, made up of founder Ryan Silo (Vox/Guitars), Jayd Abellaneda (Drums), Yani Dy (Bass Guitar), and Rane Dy (Backing Vocals), confirm everything good had already hinted by their previous couple of releases, not moving away from their shimmering, mesmerizing and introspective jangly Dream-Pop sonic formula, with their third single, “4pm”, paired with an evocative aesthetic video clip.

Sentimental, summery streams from obsessive glistening and sparkling guitar melodies ooze tension and angst into a humming bass line undertow, stirred by hopping drum beats, whilst nostalgic dreamy vocals cloaked in high airy backup haloes, drift weightlessly down the emotional currents of euphoric escape.

Atmospheric visuals build blissful sun-drenched daydreams in sync with the whimsical flow of the soundtrack to evoke feelings of freedom, beauty, and interconnectedness. Hazy surreal visions blend warm romantic suggestions with introspective metaphors, and shapeshifting lights and shadows to open the mind into an insightful exploration of endless organic horizons.

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