WL//WH New Music: EX-PARTNER “The Weatherboards Are The Skin”


Ex-Partner is a modular synth producer, performer, and singer-songwriter from Tamaki-Makaurau / Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand, who brings an engaging wacky flair to the brand new video for the groovy electronic track “The Weatherboards Are The Skin”, a lyrical meditation on the micro-tragedies of modern, domestic ‘realities’, taken from their latest 4-track EP “Flatmate Coup D’Etat.”

Cinematic auras of choir-esque voice samples and icy wiry synth chimes sew spine-tingling chills through throbbing bassline menace, hesitant off-tempo mechanical beats, and distorted droning waves of distress, as down-and-out vocals exhale picturesque memories with dry humour and metaphors to describe a modern-day existence left angsty and alone.

The Lynchian video, directed by Damian Golfinopoulos and Ex-Partner, draws retro-modern vibes using lush colour schemes, literary references, and dramatic personalities, to depict a bizarre sequence of events surrounding a mysterious death and the aftermath that follows. Monochromatic pink pleasantly overwhelms the set of a dire phone call, while blurry Christmas lights dimly illuminate a lost city drive to a library, where a wondrous array of metaphysical literature begets the intense pursuit of a stylish black-clad androgyne. Quickly distracted by a slew of oddball characters including a shirtless Equus, a masked delivery boy, and tiny bald men the protagonist becomes enmeshed in a surreal murderous plot riddled in hidden symbols and subconscious imagery, to form a daring visual companion to the dystopian soundtrack.

Ex-Parter is going to hit the road with the Grecco Romank industrial complex + the Cat Ellis visual bonanza for the Mental Stealth Tour

21.01.2021 – Mental Stealth: Lucky Bar (WNUI)

22.01.2021 – Mental Stealth: Tiny Club (PALM)

23.01.2021 – Mental Stealth: Newtown Sports Bar (WGTN)

29.01.2021 – Mental Stealth: Space Academy (CHCH)

30.01.2021 – Mental Stealth: Bark (DUN)

05.02.2021 – Mental Stealth: Grey Lynn Library (AK)

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